Oh, The Places You’ll Go!


After the amazing vacation I had it’s definitely hard to get back into work mode. So here I sit, on my day off, trying to think about what I want to tell you first. Quite frankly, this might be the hardest thing I have to do today (be jealous, it’s okay). It also probably doesn’t help my writing process that “house hunter – where are they now” is on TV, or that I suddenly have the urge to start decorating my future office. What’s that you say? Where is your office Mariah? Yeah, about that, I don’t have one…yet, unless of course you count my bed, couch or most importantly, the kitchen. But regardless, I love spending money on, well anything, so why not dream up my future office and start spending now?! Typical, I know.

Alright back to vacation talk, first stop was Las Vegas. We spent 5 days there…FIVE days, pretty insane, right? Most people tap out at 3 days, but it was a magical rollercoaster ride that we were happy to be on. I highly recommend staying at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, totally on point and catered to your needs. Did I mention Gwen Stefani stayed there? Welp, she did! Of course we didn’t see her but her stunning hubby and her adorable kids weren’t hard to miss…mostly because the 400lb bodyguard following closely behind was a dead giveaway. So let me give you a quick Vegas play by play. Wake up, eat, drink, gamble, pool, explore, nap, wake up, eat, drink, gamble, and REPEAT for 5 days. The group of people I went with was amazing and they knew how to have a good time, I’m forever grateful.

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